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Mari Batsford PCC, CPC, ELI-MP

Coach Mari
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Live Your Best Life!

Wisdom's Promise

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Wisdom offers the promise of  understanding, security, confidence, peace and grace. These precious pearls are the treasure you will find on the journey along Wisdom's Way

Wisdom's Way

Transformative Life Coaching


Meet Mari

Certified Professional Life Coach & Founder

Hello and Welcome to Wisdom's Way - a soulful work in progress inspired by the wisdom I've gained from some of my life's watershed moments - death, wayward children, career change, financial hardship, retirement, addiction, broken family relationships, illness, caring for aging loved ones and most recently coming to grips with the fragile state of our world. 

Most of us have faced many of these and other life changing experiences. We know the heartache, grief, hopelessness, uncertainty, and bitterness they can bring. Truly the harder "stuff" of life that often becomes the lens through which we see our world, literally keeping us stuck in those painful moments of time.

Yet, hidden beneath this myriad of emotions is the subtle whisper of our innate wisdom, offering promises of understanding, security, confidence, peace and grace if we choose to insightfully listen, be aware, and have the courage to look within ourselves for answers we've always looked to the outside to find.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I 
I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."
-- Robert Frost

Coach Mari

Wisdom's call beckons us in the face of great hardship and suffering, and in times of mediocrity and uncertainty, to seek what inspires and motivates us so we can carry on with passion and purpose in our lives. It offers the opportunity to become our best selves, to dig deep and fill the void left by the sense that there must be "more to life" or "I am never enough". Our innate wisdom compels us to "be with" whatever difficulty we are experiencing and to respond with love and compassion towards ourselves and others. We learn to "be with" so we may "move beyond". Heeding this call, I have come to know within myself a "Way of Being" filled with indescribable joy and deep peace. It is this "Way of Being" that guides my coaching practice and my intentions for my clients, and it is with much gratitude and respect that I hold their trust in me.  Again, a warm welcome! I look forward to meeting you and walking with you along Wisdom's Way.

 The Pearls of Wisdom's Promise Await You in a New "Way of Being"

 7 Signs that a new "Way of Being" might be just what you need to "Live Your Best Life":

  1. You constantly feel like you just aren’t “good enough” – a good enough partner, parent, employee, boss, friend, person....and find yourself lost in a downward spiral.

  2. You find yourself feeling something is missing and “there must be more to life”.

  3. You are distressed over the current “state of the world”.

  4. You feel you don’t know who you are, what you are doing here, or why life always seems "against" you.

  5. You are trying live a happier more fulfilling life but fall short and your seemingly positive efforts never bring you peace of mind.

  6. You feel conflict, unhappiness and anxiety over previous life choices and now they seem to be holding you back.

  7. You secretly feel you need a radical change to take place in your life, perhaps from addictive or other challenging behaviors and you don't know how or where to begin.

Sounds familiar right? Imagine then, what would it be like to be living your best life without the uncertainty, doubt, anxiety, and "less than" feelings you currently experience? What if you could learn to access your natural wisdom and unlock the secrets to achieving your full potential while living and loving a purpose driven, joy filled life?


Well, you can! And what's more exciting is you already have everything you need.

Here at Wisdom's Way You Will Find...

Desert Sands and Mountains

 The Path to Uncovering

Wisdom's Promises in Your Life Begins with Self-Awareness,

Self-Compassion and Self-Leadership.

  We Will Show You How.

Begin Your Wisdom's Way Journey Today.

What People Say

"Mari is kind, insightful, curious, and great at putting things together and using her understanding to create excellent questions. She helps you feel comfortable while getting at the root of the issues and discovering opportunities you might have overlooked or hadn’t dared to consider."

- Andrew T.

"I am so glad I was able to connect with Mari and have her coach me. I am going thru a period of great change and upheaval and was fantastic to have Mari as an anchor. She is a great coach who is committed to serving others."

- Robin P.

"Through my coaching with Mari, I learned something about myself that I didn't know. And that knowledge resulted in my being able to conquer a long held fear. Thank you for that Mari!"

- Melna J.

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 Come & Discover The Pearls of Wisdom's Promise!

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