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Coaching For Your Patriot Spirit

“What is patriotism? We all know what it is. It is love of country. It is pride in what a country stands for and was founded on. It is the full-throated expression of that love and that pride".   Peggy Noonan 

Does it seem what was once a noble virtue, to boldly proclaim and live by your unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the very truths upon which freedom rests, are now being viciously and relentlessly attacked?

It did not happen overnight.  It did not come as a sudden attack but has happened subtly over time in a slow, deliberate campaign of destruction, corruption and control over our way of life. We are awakening to see wrong being normalized as right and rationalized under the guise of enlightenment.  We see tolerance for injustice green lighting the onslaught of hatred and disrespect.  We are witnessing the frantic search for the most useful lie to stifle critical thinking and cover over what is truth. We watch as the rule of law, our beloved constitution, and the holy commandments of God fade from our collective memory. With lightning speed, we are experiencing the tragic loss of our freedoms and the rise of imposter patriotism based on a totalitarian ideology. 

When governments, corporations, organizations, and even individuals push an agenda whether through entitlement, censorship, mandates, or exploitation, they attempt to quell the human spirit as a means of control. It can be seen and felt  from those who demand “greater than equal” acknowledgement, inclusivity based on the denial of reality and the promotion of victimization and self-abasement.

Yet, despite all of this we see the resilience of the human spirit take flight for it is not meant to be subdued. It is its nature to be free and to seek the peace that comes from “knowing” that it is God who is in control. That “knowing” is the still, small voice that when we listen, guides our decisions. It is the place we call out from in despair, and the place where we experience the awesomeness of life. It is the innate wisdom, the wellspring of understanding, security and confidence that grows from the continuous endeavor to discern the truth within ourselves and the world and our commitment to be loyal to it. If you would like some help strengthening your resilience and finding your peace, to stand your ground in a world gone awry, to understand and feel secure and confident in your patriot mindset please reach out. Here at Wisdom’s Way, we hold a special place in our hearts for those who see and feel the suffocating loss of our freedoms. We are dedicated to working with men and women who seek to live by patriotic values and keep God first and foremost in their lives.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction".  Ronald Reagan

Patriot Young Girl

We commit to being a partner with those whom we work with; to walk alongside them in where ever their journey takes them without judgement, making them feel inadequate, telling them what they must do, or trying to impact the outcome.  

This is a complimentary session. There is no obligation.

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